ATRADER Interactive Charting and Trading Software




ATRADER : Advanced Charting/Profiling/Algorithmic Trading Software for Stocks/Futures/Bonds/Forex.


We are a global leader providing high performance software for traders and investors. With professional expertise in financial markets, software development and current trading systems the product provides the customer an 'edge' in daytrading and investing. ATRADER offers features often costing hundreds of dollars a month at the lowest price on the internet.


Compare the feature set of our platform and price and realise we arent short on power features, just low on price.




  • ATRADER is optimised for EMINI traders. In competitive EMINI markets 2ms means the difference between a fill and a stop. ATRADER is developed in native C++ which has been consistently shown to be up to 5-10 times faster than other compiled languages in fast markets.


    If SPEED matters, ATRADER matters. While your competitors are waiting for a bar to update you have taken your profit.


  • ATRADER offers plug and play vendor compatibility. Compare IB, DTN, Transact and Zenfire in real time with real charts, then trade using which works for you.


  • ATRADER offers true session management. Whilst other charting products skip or add bars (often depending on data vendor) when they shouldnt ATRADER gives you true, accurate data. Get your trendlines in sync with the pros.


  • ATRADER is simple. Everything is clear and to hand. Are you fed up of not being able to find where the things you need every day are amongst all the additional features most charting providers provide which are never used? ATRADER is written by traders who trade and who know what you need to be a profitable trader.


  • (ProfileTrader) offers probably the most extensive profiling features in the current marketplace. ATRADER includes the best off the shelf volume and alphabetic distribution analysis of market data. They include volume, alphabetic, independant, bracket and cummulative distributions. Please see the learning section for more information on how to trade the market structure using this method.


  • (DeltaTrader) ATRADER offers volume delta profiling with a compatible data vendor.


  • (ChartTrader) ATRADER offers chart trading with Interactive Brokers and 2 click trading for order transmission directly off charts. By simply clicking on a chart a user can trade real time.


  • (StrategyTrader)ATRADER offers position entry and position management directly of charts.


  • (Algorthmic Trader) ATRADER offers Automated Trading with Interactive Brokers of the EminiShark System..


  • (C++Trader) ATRADER offers custom programming of indicators and trading systems using C++.


  • (GannTrader) ATRADER has point and click implementation of Gann Price/Time Projections and Cycle Finders. These are some of Ganns more advanced features.


  • (MurrayTrader) Murray Math. ATRADER offers a point and click implementation of Murray Math using a custom Excel Import. No more messing with calculators or surfing 3rd party websites.


  • (FloorTrader) Floor Pivots. ATRADER offers a point and click implementation of Floor Pivots, get R1, R2, S1 and S2 on your charts with a single click.


  • ATRADER currently supports DTN, Interactive Brokers, TRANSACT and ZENFIRE datafeeds. It provides real time intraday price updates, historical backfill for daily and intraday charts for stocks, futures, options and indexes. ATRADER provides full integration with data vendors historical data servers when available.


  • ATRADER offers numerous sub studies including RSI, CCI, MACD, Stochastics to name but a few. ATRADER has advanced overlaid chart facilities, you are only limited by your imagination and screen real estate.


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