Getting Started


1. Read Disclaimer.


Read the disclaimer as all installations are subject to the disclaimer. Do not install if you dont agree with all items in the disclaimer.

Day Trading exposes you to substantial risk and you can lose all your investment in seconds.


Download Disclaimer In Word Format


Download Disclaimer In PDF Format



2. Register.


Register and receive your registration details by email to download the latest version. All version require registration.

All versions includes all data vendors Interactive Brokers (IB), and DTN IQFeed.


Register for ATRADER



3. Download


Please use the download area to download a version of ATrader after you have registered using your download token.

Download and run your free demo. After a short period you demo will expire and your will need to register the program. See below.


Logon to the download area and download ATRADER using your email/token pair.


Ensure you are running the latest version - Latest Version is



4. Choose a data vendor


DTN Partner Program Registration - Recommended


Register on the DTN IQFeed ATRADER Partner Program


Subscribe to DTN product using our DTN Partner Program on our website and get a 20% reduction on yearly fees and your setup fee waived. This reduces the fee from $60 p.m. to a very reasonable $48 per month, a huge saving on a retail purchase.


Note, You can still use all your other DTN capable software. This does not include your ATRADER subscription. Please use the above link for purchase of an ATRADER subscription. Please select Packages One or Two.



5. Choose a version


Visit the Purchase Page and select a version